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Rules of Thumb: 8 Truths for Winning as a Support Band

1. Don’t expect proper soundchecks and be ready to play the moment you finish linechecking.

Apparently in Melbourne we are spoiled since our opening acts get 15 minute linechecks – in Sydney it’s more like 2 minutes.  So unless you are Matt Sorum who has the luxury of soundchecking (just drums!) for 2 hours, you’d better be ready to go with the flow and play when the soundie tells you to.  And don’t chuck a hissyfit either – it’s both unprofessional and immature, even for a rockstar.  Wait til you start selling out shows before you make demands for “proper soundchecks”.

2. Be observant of opportunities to network at every show you play.

The word networking sounds overly formal cos in the music industry, that really just means a few slaps on the back over pints of beer.  Do not be afraid to approach someone and introduce yourself (and your band). Not just the fans, but managers of other bands, the promoter’s friends. Just like speed-dating, there is a genuine chance that whoever you’re talking to could change your life.

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