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REVIEW: CIOKS DC10 Power Supply for Effect Pedals

– 115V/230V mains voltage selector switch so no need for transformers
– 10 regulated and filtered DC outlets configured in 8 isolated sections
– Provides more current than similar products (total 1600mA: 3 x high current 400mA and 4 x 100mA sections)
– 9V, 12V, 15V and with optional cables to create 18 or 24V
– Solid construction, sleek design
– Smaller in size compared to other brands’ similar products
– Value for money if you buy it in USA (around USD200)
– One powers all: no need to buy 9V batteries or carry AC adapters (great for energy draining pedals)

– 1.1kg can be a little heavy
– Takes up space (158mm x 98mm) in the pedal board/case
– Hard to come by in Australia, expensive too (around AUD450)

Having grown a little tired of my usual set up (a rack amp simulator/multi FX with controller floor pedal running into an amp) I was ready for a rig that is more portable for touring so I revamped everything and started using stomp boxes again.

Using stomp boxes (I’m using quite a few of them) means I will have to deal with the inevitable: battery usage.  Now for both economic and environmental reasons, I wanted to completely eliminate the usage of 9V batteries so after a lot of research, I got myself the CIOKS D10 because it is clearly the frontrunner to my power supply needs.

Now my rig comprises of both 9V and 12V boxes (and soon 15V and 18V) and these have very specific current requirements.  So imagine my excitement when I stumble upon this unit, which gives me the options to run 9V, 12V, 15V and with optional cables to create 18 or 24V pedals.

The design is sleek and the unit feels solid and well-made.  Despite the fact that is feels durable I would recommend housing it properly in an effects case.  It is a little heavy (1.1kg) but it is to be expected of a unit this size.  And it takes up decent space in your pedal case.  But if you install your stomp boxes and this power supply unit neatly in your case, you have virtually eliminated the need to ever carry adapters for all your pedals!  Welcome to the world of stress-free sound check!

Theoretically, powering your pedals with 9V batteries guarantees a noise-free environment, as opposed to normal adapters where you may experience noise and hums from the AC ground loops.  With this CIOKS DC10, it also boasts a noise-free connection since it is a power supply with isolated outlets.  Techies may argue that 9V is superior because it allows a “cleaner” connection (unless you’re using “hospital grade wall outlets”), but I’ve been using CIOKS fine with no audible noise.

Wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone looking for an alternative to batteries as your main power supply for stomp boxes.


More information: http://cioks.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=39&Itemid=56


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