Bloodpuppies Entertainment is proud to be launching new services this year. From June 2011, we will cater to our artists’ publicity and booking needs – for both Australia and Japan.

Connection is key in the music business and you can feel confident that we will deliver your profile to the right people: whether it is a local show, a tour or a media kit submission to targeted audiences.

We only work with artists we feel sure would connect with our network. Our campaigns explore the strengths of your act and will build on your story and lift your profile to the next level.

We also specialise in crafting media kits for the Japanese music market. Our foray into the world’s second largest entertainment industry began three years ago and is rapidly growing. To enter the Japanese market with non-Japanese music is a game of chess, and we can be your guide.

Contact us at accounts@bloodpuppies.com for more information.


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